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Solar / renewable obligations – updated world map 2015

  • World map of solar / renewable building codes
  • Europe map ofsolar / renewable building codes
  • Solar and Renewable Building Codes in the MENA Region – a study from August 2015

News articles about solar / renewable obligations in 20 countries are available on using the filter with “news” plus “obligation” in the section six pillars.

First World map of Solar Process Heat Collector Industry 2014. The map will be updated in 2017.

  • Presentation "Concentrating process heat collectors 2014: global survey results", Intersolar Europe, June 2014
  • World Map of Solar Process Heat Collector Industry 2014
  • The world of solar process heat in Sun & Wind Energy 3/2014
  • World map of Solar Process Heat Collector Industry 2014 on, March 2013

World map of Solar Thermal Industry
(2007 to 2015) 

  • Poster of the world maps of solar thermal industry 2015 
  • World map of solar thermal industry 2014: Extreme weather
  • World map of solar thermal industry 2013: The seven year itch
  • World map of solar thermal industry 2012: Solar industry in upheaval
  • World map of solar thermal industry 2011: World map of solar thermal industry: India and China are setting the pace (December 2011)
  • World map of solar thermal industry 2010: The Disparity in growing (December 2010)
  • World map of air collector manufacturers 2010: Upswing for hot air (December 2010)
  • World map of flat plate collector manufacturers 2009: Optimism in times of crisis (December 2009)
  • World map of vacuum tube collector manufactures 2009: Industry on the upwards trend
  • World map of solar thermal industry 2008: Global solar economy (December 2008)
  • World map of solar thermal industry 2007: Big business with the sun (December 2007)

China – the largest market worldwide

Interviews with Hongzhi Cheng, one of the most well-known solar thermal market researchers in China

  • “Triple supply has shown significant development” in Oktober 2015
  • “If you start in the solar thermal market today, you’ll be big in 2 or 3 years” in March 2012

Research travel in February 2012 in China resulted in a couple of articles

  • Trends in the largest solar thermal market worldwide (conference presentation)
  • Solar-Thermal Shack-out in Renewable Energy World (August 2012)
  • China's Solar Thermal valley: the sky's the limit in Renewable Energy World (June 2012)

Several news about China on published between April und June 2012

  • China: More than 50,000 Solar Shops
  • China: Sunrain goes public
  • China: Architects and Engineers Surveyed on Solar Obligations
  • China: Beijing Mandates Solar Hot Water Systems

SMEthermal: Articles related to the technology / supply chain conference
(2009 to 2013)

  • Conference Report Standards and Label in Sun & Wind Energy (SMEThermal 2013)
  • Standard and certification in Brazil - Interview with Elizabeth Duarte Pereira (SMEThermal 2013)
  • How to Finance a Large-scale Solar Thermal Plant - interview with Josef Robert Straninger from UniCredit Leasing, Austria (SMEThermal 2013)
  • Collector certification across the world - challenge or opportunity; presentation of TÜV Rheinland at SMEThermal 2012
  • Anti-reflective coating on glass: Squeezing more juice in Sun & Wind Energy (SMEThermal 2012)
  • Conference report in Sun & Wind Energy: Lowering costs, maintaining efficiency (SMEThermal 2012)
  • Advancements in collector production (SMEThermal 2012)
  • Absorber production: Bending, welding and more (SMEThermal 2012)
  • Adhesives: Forming bonds (SMEThermal 2012)
  • Fantastic plastics: revolution or devolution? (SMEThermal 2011)
  • All Aluminium!? - one major topic discussed at SMEthermal 2011
  • Can European Solar Thermal compete? Panel Discussion about the challenges of the world market (SMEThermal 2011)
  • Collector manufacturung: Generating inexpensive solar heat (February 2011)
  • Automation in the solar thermal industry: a new collector every two minutes (April 2010)
  • Gluing in collector production: finding the right adhersive (February 2010)
  • Bending machines: the challenge of equipment suppliers (October 2009)