Solrico network partners

solrico has teamed up with independent solar thermal experts in major international markets. The solrico partners offer services in several different languages: German, English, French, Italian, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Hindi, Russian, Hungarian and Polish.  

Strategic marketing and business development expert from Mexico

Marisol Oropeza has 10 years working experiences in the private, public and non-profit sector in America, Europe, and Asia. She has extensive experiences in project management and deep knowledge in the solar heating and cooling sector. Marisol Oropeza joined forces with solrico in the project Solar Payback, which aims to increase SHIP deployment in Brazil, India, Mexico and South Africa.
Marisol Oropeza, Germany/Mexico, Mobile: +49 (0) 152 25985380, Email:,

Journalist and engineer from Germany

The journalist and editor Stephanie Banse is based in Hamburg, Germany and joined solrico at the beginning of 2010. After her studies of environmental engineering she worked for 15 years as an editor for various trade magazines. She supports the international surveys for the World Map of Solar Thermal Industry and the ISOL Index.
Stephanie Banse, Germany, office: +49/(0)40-2788 4696, Mobile: +49/(0)179-120 4236, Email:

Researcher, consultant and policy advisor from Italy

Dr Riccardo Battisti is Senior Consultant since 2008 in Ambiente Italia after five years as Secretary General respectively adviser of Assolterm, the Italian Solar Thermal Industry Association. He was involved in a big number of research and consultancy projects covering solar obligations, Life Cycle Assessment and certification.
Dr Riccardo Battisti, Italy, Email:, Phone: +39 3494277098

Service provider for the solar sector

Actively involved in the solar industry since 2005, Alejandro Diego Rosell has extensive experience in international business development, market research and journalism regarding renewable energies. Alejandro based in Spain collaborates with several renewable magazines and private Clients focusing on solar thermal and solar PV. Since 2013 he contributes news related to the Spanish and Latin-American markets for Alejandro Diego Rosell, Spain, email:, phone +34-658-713-223, skype: aledieros

Research assistant in China

Yaping Zhang is in the solar business since more than 10 years, started her carrier in the Linuo Group and today she is head of the sales and engineering office of the German company Aschoff Solar in Jinan, Shandong. Yaping Zhang and her team supports the research and surveys of solrico in China.
Yaping Zhang,

Solar thermal expert from India

Jaideep N. Malaviya, a well known solar thermal expert, represents solrico in India. He looks back at more than 15 years of market research and journalism in the field of solar thermal technology.
Malaviya Energy Consultancy, Jaideep N. Malaviya, Pune, India,, Office: +91/20-26166162, Mobile: +91/9890033399, Email:

Experienced writer about renewables from Germany

Eva Augsten-Alves contributes news to She is a freelance journalist focused on renewable energies, especially solar thermal. Eva Augsten studied environmental engineering and worked as an editor of Sun & Wind Energy and Sonne Wind & Wärme (deputy editor in chief) until 2011.  She joined solrico when she started to work as a freelancer in 2011. Eva speaks German (mother tongue), English and Spanish.
Eva Augsten-Alves, Germany: +49 – 40 - 60 94 19 12,,

Balcan correspondent

Frank Stier is Balkan correspondant for political and economical issues focusing on energy policy and solar thermal. He is based in Sofia, Bulgaria, reporting on a large number of East and Southeast European countries for
Frank Stier, Bulgaria: 00359/897479739,,

Professional journalist from Portugal

Filipa Cardoso is editor of the Portuguese special interest magazine Climatização with a focus on the solar thermal sector since the beginning of 2010. Filipa Cardoso contributes news from Portugal for the newsletter and takes care of the solrico surveys in Portugal.
Filipa Cardoso, Revista Climatização, Phone: +351 214118360/4 , email:,

Author, lecturer and trainer from Great Britain

Chris Laughton is an author and lecturer in the UK solar thermal industries and trainer in solar simulation software. He is a Fellow of The Institute of Domestic Heating and Environmental Engineers (FIDHEE) and Chair of the National Standards Committee for Solar at British Standards Institution (BSI). Chris Laughton is a regular contributor to He authored the international book Solar Domestic Water Heating published by Earthscan.
Chris Laughton,

Solar business in Southern Africa

Shem Oirere works as a freelance business journalist since more than 20 years. He is based in Nairobi focusing on energy, construction and chemicals. Shem contributes news articles about Southern African markets for He is a graduate of the University of South Africa and London School of Journalism.
Shem Oirere, Nairobi, Kenya,, Mobile: +254 722 167 733