More and more countries are discovering heating and cooling with the sun as an important factor for electricity saving and climate protection. Publitics has turned towards solar thermal technologies, because of the multiple advantages that this sector is offering like increasing energy security, job creation or demand side management in electricity grids. Raising demand from new customer groups, more efficient technologies and a wide range of applications challenge the global solar thermal industry. solrico keeps track of the major industry and market trends worldwide in its regular surveys and publications.

What we offer:

  • The World Map of Solar Thermal Industry 2015: Between 2008 and 2015 solrico carried out the largest public survey of the international solar thermal industry on an annual basis resulting in the publication of world maps in the magazine Sun & Wind Energy that presents around 250 collector manufacturers worldwide.

  • The monthly newsletter: solrico is responsible for the news section of the web portal focusing on exclusive articles about new political frame conditions, successful case studies and technology updates from all around the world. You can subscribe the newsletter free of charge.

  • Database of incentive programmes: solrico describes the most relevant financial support schemes for solar heating and cooling technologies in a database on which includes currently 36 national programmes and is regulary updated.

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