10 November 2017

12 expert interviews from Abu Dhabi on tape

In early November, 500 stakeholders met in Abu Dhabi for 2017’s largest experts’ meeting on integrated SHC solutions for buildings, industry, cities, regions and utilities. read more

11 September 2017

First online world map with SHIP suppliers

The new project website solar-payback.com was launched at the end of August. One special feature is the World Map of Suppliers of Turnkey Solar Process Heat Systems. The interactive chart depicts more than 70 companies from 25 countries and their SHIP services. Some are collector manufacturers designing, planning and building industrial solar heat plants; others are specialized project developers focusing on renewable heat in industry. read more

27 August 2017

Solar Payback Presentation at Inter Solar South America

The focus of the Intersolar South America in Sao Paulo in August 2017: photovoltaics. This only made it even more crucial for the newly founded Brazilian solar thermal industry association Abrasol to fly the flag. The opening speech on the Strategic Importance of Solar Thermal in Brazil, the title of the solar heat conference day on 23 August, came from Eduardo Azevedo (third from left), State Secretary of Energy Planning and Development at the Brazilian Ministry of Mines and Energy, MME. read more

07 April 2017

Launch of Info brochure Solar Heat for Industry

A picture is worth a thousand words. So we used a lot of pictures in the info brochure “Solar Heat for Industry” to illustrate stakeholders from industry, financial sector and policy the powerful resource and the huge potential of solar heat technologies in manufacturing businesses. You find statements of satisfied investors in the 20-page booklet and easy to understand hydraulic schemes of the different integration options of solar heat technology in production processes. read more

31 Januar 2017

Solar Payback: Kick-off meeting in Johannesburg in January

Solrico is among the 12 partners that have teamed up for the international Solar Payback project, which aims to increase the use of solar thermal energy in industrial processes. Supported by the German Federal Environment Ministry funded by the International Climate Initiative, the three-year project will be implemented in South Africa, India, Mexico and Brazil. The Kick-Off Meeting together with the South African partners took place in Johannesburg on 23 January 2017. read more

28 Dezember 2016

Flat Plate Collector Manufacturer Ranking

The annual ranking of the largest flat plate collector manufacturers was recently published on solarthermalworld.org. The ranking is based on a survey among the largest industry players carried out by solrico in October and November 2016. read more

12 Dezember 2016

Webinar recording: Think big - Design rules and monitoring results of solar district heating systems

The recording of the webinar from 6 December 2016 is now available: "Think big - Design rules and monitoring results of solar district heating systems" read more

05 Dezember 2016

Survey: World Map of Solar Process Heat Specialists 2017

solrico is carrying out a worldwide survey among 110 suppliers of turnkey solar process heat systems in November and December 2016. The survey is the basis for the World Map of Solar Process Heat Specialists 2017. read more

13 November 2016

Presentation at Green Expo Forum in Qatar

Bärbel Epp, head of solrico, spoke about „Review of International Solar Energy Support Mechanisms” at the Green Expo Forum in Qatar at the 8th of November. For the first time the Golf Organisation for Research and Development (GORD) based in Doha, Qatar, organised this international conference which was attended by around 400 stakeholders. read more

20 Oktober 2016

EUROSUN 2016: Video Interviews with Experts from Eight Different Countries

The International Solar Energy Society (ISES) engaged solrico partners to film and edit up to 10 video interviews with specialists during the conference EuroSun 2016 from 11 to 14 October in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. read more

31 August 2016

IEA Solar Heating and Cooling research results on solarthermalworld.org

The IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme (IEA SHC) and Solarthermalworld.org agreed on a cooperation that gives the valuable results of the international research programme more visibility among solar thermal specialists worldwide. Since October 2014 all IEA SHC relevant news are posted to a dedicated subpage on solarthermalworld.org which includes around 80 news on a wide variety of topics: solar cooling, compact storage tanks, solar architecture and solar process heat. read more

30 Juni 2016

Joint webinar on the Status of Solar Heating and Cooling Worldwide - recording available

Three major SHC institutions – REN21, IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme and Solarthermalworld.org – organised jointly the webinar: Global View on Solar Heating and Cooling: Market, Industry and Policy on Thursday 30 June 2016. read more

07 Juni 2016

Section Author for SHC chapter of GSR 2016

For the first time solrico was Section Author for the recently launched Renewable Global Status Report (GSR) published by the Network REN21. GSR gives a timely and comprehensive overview of the status, recent developments and trends in all renewable energy sectors. read more

16 April 2016

Europe: 23 New and Upgraded Solar District Heating Plants of 190 MWth Start Operation in 2015

As in previous years, Denmark remained the country dominating Europe’s solar district heating market. Twenty of the 23 new and upgraded district heating plants in Europe above 350 kWth (500 m²) from the statistics compiled by Jan-Olof Dalenbäck from the Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, went into operation in Denmark – whereas Austria, Italy and Sweden had only one each to show for. read more

08 Februar 2016

ISOL Navigator launched: technology and market trends by 2020

The study ISOL Navigator December 2015 focuses on the Forecast 2016 and beyond. How do stakeholders think their business will develop across the 18 key solar thermal markets worldwide? Which market segments and system types will prosper over the next years? read more

24 Januar 2016

Presentation: SHC - How to wake up the sleeping giant?

solrico was invited to hold a speech about the topic "Solar Heating and Cooling: How to wake up the sleeping gient?" on a strategy workshop of REN21 in Paris in January 2016. The presentation identifies six action fields which can increase the deployment of solar heating and cooling globally. read more

05 Januar 2016

SHC 2015: solrico interviews 14 experts on tape

During the international Solar Heating and Cooling Conference SHC2015 in Istanbul at the beginning of December 2015 solrico filmed 14 expert interviews on research highlights and technology trends from all around the world, which are now available for download on the solarthermalworld.org YouTube channel. read more

26 November 2015

World map of solar thermal industry 2015

For the ninth time in a row the magazine Sun & Wind Energy commissioned solrico to carry out what is the largest public survey of the international solar thermal industry. 250 flat plate, vacuum tube and air collector manufacturers are presented on the world maps. read more

15 Oktober 2015

Solar and renewable building codes

In cooperation with the EU project MED Desire solrico updated the world map of solar / renewable obligations and carried out a study in July / August 2015 on solar / renewable building codes in the MENA region. read more

30 Juli 2015

Database of incentive programmes

Do you want to know more about the national subsidy scheme for solar heating and cooling in Italy or the conditions of the investment subsidies in the long term commercial programme in Thailand in 2015? read more

07 Mai 2014

Checklist: How to design a successful support scheme?

solrico contributed on overview of incentive schemes worldwide for an Austrian study carried out by AEE Intec on behalf of Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (bmvit). read more