14 September 2022

Future gas price assessment

The September Newsletter of solarthermalworld.org includes a future gas price assessment published by E.ON. Kevin Bär, the Senior Manager Sales and Global Growth from E.ON, explained that the market is indicating a gas price for industrial customers of 140 EUR/MWh on average over the next four years. This is seven times more than the 20 EUR/MWh average for the years 2018 to 2021.

The E.ON group is positioning itself more and more as a provider of sustainable energy solutions for commercial customers. Solar industrial heat (SHIP) is one of the solutions being considered, especially because good funding is available for SHIP in many European countries, as Bär pointed out. E.ON is one of the largest utilities in Europe with 50 million customers, EUR 77 billion turnover in 2021 and around 72,000 employees.

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