Commercial Solar Heat

The solar thermal markets are in transition. Single-family houses, the currently most important sales segment, will loose relevance. The majority of the solar thermal manufacturers worldwide predict their sales to be dominated by other client groups than homeowners in the coming years. In Central Europe for example every third company assumes that multi-family houses will dominate their sales in 2020 and every fifth company predicts the highest sales with public orders by 2020. A quarter of the manufacturers in India, Brazil and China foresee industrial process heat to be the main market segment in 2020. 

The commercial customer groups are very demanding. They want cost-effective turnkey solutions from suppliers that are confident and transparent about the performance, the reliability and the costs of solar heat.

solrico's publications focus on new business models, transparent solar heat prices and successful case studies of commercial solar thermal installations.

Surprisingly popular: Solar Heat for Industrial Processes

Solar heat is far from being a standard in production processes yet, but it is more widespread than you might think: According to the most current solrico survey system designers and collector manufacturers reported more than 500 systems worldwide. The 2017 World Map of Solar Process Heat Specialists shows 71 companies in 22 countries of which 42 already supplied turnkey solar process heat systems and 29 companies are "market-ready" suppliers which are listed without reference figures on the world map. The questionnaire defined turnkey as a plant planned, supplied and installed by the seller. 

Due to the narrow definition of “turnkey”, many of the 71 participants in the survey had to be content to be listed with the caveat “ready-to-offer” instead of presenting a list of reference projects. Some of these firms are newcomers, such as Krypton Energy from Pakistan, New Heat from France, Inersur from Spain and Artic Solar from the USA. 

Find the world map for download here.

The research and the design of the new world map were supported by the international IKI Project Solar Payback and the magazine Sun & Wind Energy. 

One of the key results of the comprehensive survey was the assessment of the current world market size of Solar Heat for Industrial Processes (SHIP) plants. A reconciliation of the solrico survey with the SHIP database resulted in a total of 525 plants with an collector or mirror area of at least 416,414 m2 worldwide for generating solar process heat. You find the complete report of the survey in an article published on