Promoting the use of Industrial Solar Heat

Solrico is among the 12 partners that have teamed up for the international Solar Payback project, which aims to increase the use of Industrial Solar Heat. Supported by the German Federal Environment Ministry funded by the International Climate Initiative, the three-year project is implemented in South Africa, India, Mexico and Brazil:

Brazil: Industrial Solar Heat Strategy

Solar industrial heat is a growing segment worldwide with at least 817 plants in operation by the end of 2019, but just one under construction in Brazil. To encourage discussions among politicians and investors about Brazil’s SHIP market, Solar Payback has published an Industrial Solar Heat Strategy for Brazil. The 8-page flyer illustrates how 7.5 million m² of collector area could be added in the next five years across three major industry sectors, namely food and beverages, chemicals, and pulp and paper.

Download the flyer here.
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SHIP Supplier World Map on

The updated SHIP Supplier World Map now includes around 80 companies from around the world of which two thirds have SHIP references. Based on five solrico surveys the companies are listed with the number of SHIP reference projects they realised by the end of 2019. The World Map also includes suppliers that have not realised a SHIP reference system yet, but have experiences with large-scale solar thermal systems for public and private customers. If you do not find your company on the map, but offer SHIP turnkey solutions, please contact us:

Solar Heat for Industry - facts and figures on 20 pages

A picture is worth a thousand words. So we used a lot of pictures in the info brochure “Solar Heat for Industry” to illustrate stakeholders from industry, financial sector and policy the powerful resource and the huge potential of solar heat technologies in manufacturing businesses. You find statements of satisfied investors in the 20-page booklet and easy to understand hydraulic schemes of the different integration options of solar heat technology in production processes.

Download the brochure in EnglishSpanish and Portuguese and use it in your communication with clients and decision makers.