25 Januar 2024

Youtube video on efficient heating with brine heat pumps + PVT + geothermal

The IntegraTE initiative for the dissemination of PVT collectors and heat pumps in residential buildings has now published the second info film. On the YouTube channel of the German research institute Fraunhofer ISE you can find the film "Efficient heating with brine heat pumps that use heat from PVT collectors and geothermal" once in German and once in English.

The film describes the benefits that geothermal heat sources combined with PVT collectors achieve in heat pump systems. In summer, the PVT collectors regenerate the ground, preventing it from cooling down over the years. Because of the regeneration, the borehole field can be more compact and fewer holes need to be drilled or can be drilled less deeply. In addition, regeneration cools the PVT collectors in summer and increases the solar electricity yield.

YouTube video in Englisch

YouTube video in German