28 September 2023

Launch of Solar Industrial Heat Outlook 2023-2026

Strong growth is expected in the global solar process heat (SHIP) market. Solrico launched the first Solar Industrial Heat Outlook 2023-2026 at the end of September 2023. Based on a survey among SHIP project developers worldwide, 62 projects with 331 MW were identified that will become online in 2023 onward.

A huge step compared to the 23 MW SHIP capacity that went into operation in 2022. By the way, the Industrial Solar Heat Outlook does not consider the Chinese market. See the news article on the launch on solarthermalworld.org.

In addition, the Outlook clearly shows that projects are getting bigger, more heat supply contracts are being signed and the proportion of systems supplying temperatures above 100 °C is rising sharply.

Solrico makes the infographic series of the Solar Industrial Heat Outlook 2023-2026 available for general use. You are welcome to use the charts for presentations and communications with your network. The infographic series can be downloaded from this link: nc.solrico.de/index.php/s/CXJc0ZdH37YFYCH