06 Juli 2022

Encouraging trends in SHIP market 2021

The global solar industrial heat market saw encouraging trends in 2021. The first large systems with heat purchase agreements started operation in France and Mexico. Spanish PVT collector manufacturers gained industrial heat and power customers for the first time. Technology suppliers from the Netherlands and Austria realised a growing number of agricultural heat projects.

And most importantly: Multinational corporations turned increasingly to a zero-carbon heat supply from the sun. Several SHIP technology suppliers managed to install the first solar process heat systems at large corporations in 2021. It is to be expected that once the first solar heat demonstration systems are successfully operating, a rollout can take place at production sites globally. (Photo: G2Energy)

These are the key results of a survey carried out by solrico among 70 technology suppliers listed on the
SHIP Supplier World Map.

Two news articles on solarthermalworld.org report on the SHIP survey results.

Encouraging trends in SHIP market
Structural changes in SHIP industry