21 April 2022

Ranking of the world's largest flat plate collector manufacturer

Consolidation among the global solar thermal industry continued in 2021. The 20 largest flat plate collector manufacturers globally managed to increase production by, on average, 15 % last year. This is significantly higher than in the previous year, with 9 %. The supplier rankings are updated regularly by solrico. The 2021 list is based on a manufacturer survey conducted in March and April 2022.

The reasons for the growth are manifold and depend on the region. The increasing interest in the use of renewable heat to avoid higher fossil fuel prices was one of the reasons for growing sales mentioned by a European manufacturer. Some of the large producers in Europe also consolidated their market position by receiving new orders for OEM collectors from smaller producers who had closed their factories in response to years of declining sales. The Chinese companies in the listing profited from a growing number of large orders from the housing industry for solar water heaters or central hot water and space heating systems. This increasing demand resulted from the overall economic recovery in China following the pandemic-related lockdowns in 2020.

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