11 Mai 2021

Where to look for the world’s most experienced SHIP suppliers

Since 2017, solrico has updated the SHIP Supplier World Map on an annual basis within the project Solar Payback. Only companies responding to the most recent survey are listed on the World Map. There is an increasing number of technology suppliers offering solutions with concentrating collectors among the 75 companies currently listed on the world map.

Around one-third of the listed companies produce either parabolic trough collectors (15), Linear Fresnel collectors (6), concentrating dish collectors (4) or concentrating collectors with heliostats (2).

Key criteria for choosing an appropriate technology partner may include the number of SHIP systems completed thus far, the in-house expertise in collector manufacturing, or the sort of collectors available. Likewise, it could be important to see whether a certain company offers heat supply contracts as well. You can find this information in the popup window that will open as soon as you click on a company´s world map icon.

You find further results about the Turnkey SHIP Supplier survey in this news article.