01 Juli 2020

Webinar: Strategies in the digital world

Social media channels gained further importance over the last years. Politicians all around the world are tweeting to get their messages out. Lobbyists are networking via digital media, LinkedIn groups are discussing new trends in research and technology, Facebook is replacing company websites etc. You need to find your own position and strategy in the digital world.

Mid June solarthermalworld.org together with Solar Heat Europe organised a webinar to hear from four marketing and communication experts about their social media strategies and lessons learned.

A recording of the event and the presentations given at the webinar are available online.

Check it out to   

  • get an overview on the use of social media channels (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram) and their typical users and usage

  • receive tips from the experts on how to use social media for industry associations and international projects

  • gain knowledge about strategies on how to increase your number of followers and how to address different target groups

  • observe current trends in social media marketing and industry communication.