01 März 2020

Germany: High scrappage bonus for oil boilers

In the past several years, climate change rarely made it onto the German government’s agenda. But following the Fridays for Future protests, during which millions of people took to the streets, and the Green Party’s surge in the polls, the country’s governing coalition started looking for ways to improve its green credentials. Stakeholders in the renewable industry were surprised by how quickly the search bore fruit; as many as three measures were implemented to address issues in the heating sector.

At the beginning of this year, government agency BAFA started offering an attractive scrappage bonus for replacing oil boilers. Alternatively, building owners can claim tax relief for getting rid of old heating systems. And above all the government announced to introduce a carbon pricing system, which will add a fixed amount to the base prices of fossil fuels between 2021 and 2025.

Could these measures provide a template for the European Green Deal? One thing that is certain right now: Demand for solar energy and other renewable heating solutions has been growing since the start of the year.

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