31 August 2016

IEA Solar Heating and Cooling research results on solarthermalworld.org

The IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme (IEA SHC) and Solarthermalworld.org agreed on a cooperation that gives the valuable results of the international research programme more visibility among solar thermal specialists worldwide. Since October 2014 all IEA SHC relevant news are posted to a dedicated subpage on solarthermalworld.org which includes around 80 news on a wide variety of topics: solar cooling, compact storage tanks, solar architecture and solar process heat.

You can find the subpage here. IEA SHC gathers around 200 experts which are working in international research programmes called Task. The list of current Tasks can be found online. 21 countries, the European Commission and five organizations are IEA SHC members. Slovakia is the youngest country member, which joined the programme in May 2016.