22 März 2020

World´s largest manufacturers increase production output

One-half of the world’s largest flat plate collector manufacturers participating in the most recent survey expressed satisfaction with how business developed in 2019. One-third achieved production volumes ‘as expected’ and only one-fifth seemed dissatisfied. The large manufacturers again managed to increase production by, on average, 9 %, a slightly higher rate than the 7 % at which output grew the previous year.

Their success was the result of demand from China, for flat plate collectors in new high-rise buildings, and from a growing customer base in new markets. The dissatisfied survey participants said barriers to trade included a lack of political support, the hype surrounding PV, and electrification of the heating sector.

The supplier rankings are updated regularly by German consulting firm solrico. The 2019 list is based on a manufacturer survey conducted in February and March. The horizontal axis in the chart was left blank, as a few companies were reluctant to share their production figures publicly.

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