29 April 2024

Ninth SHIP Supplier survey concluded

The world market for solar process heat (SHIP) continues to pick up speed. In 2023, the newly installed capacity tripled compared to the two previous years. The project developers reported 116 systems with a capacity of 94 MW. A year earlier there were also 116 systems but with only 31 MW of capacity newly commissioned worldwide.The growth was essentially based on two countries: The Netherlands led the world market 2023 with 43 new systems and Spain installed by far the largest SHIP capacity last year (49 MW). The proportion of concentrating systems grew strongly. Parabolic troughs, Fresnel collectors or concentrating dish collectors were used in 43 % of newly installed SHIP capacity. For comparison, this was only 16 % in 2022

These are some of the findings from the ninth solrico survey among the about 70 companies listed on the SHIP Supplier World Map. You find the results of the most current survey in three news articles on solarthermalworld.org:

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