09 Mai 2024

New dynamism on the Canadian solar thermal market

Solar air heating is the main application for the solar thermal industry in Canada. 88% of newly installed collector area in 2023 was glazed and unglazed air collectors. This market segment grew by 35% compared to 2022 because of support policies in the eastern Canadian province of Quebec. In addition, a new industry for high-temperature collectors is currently developing.

This is the first year that solrico has conducted this survey on behalf of CanmetENERGY of Natural Resources Canada.

The updated database of relevant Canadian companies in the solar thermal sector included 21 companies that all have received the questionnaire in February 2024. 16 companies took part in the survey – a response rate of 76%. This is a fully satisfactory response rate, as last year only six companies responded to the survey, of which two indicated zero sales during 2022.

Read the news article on solarthermalworld.org gathering the most important results here and download the full report.