25 November 2021

Presentation during 19th Heat Pump Forum in Berlin

PV-thermal collectors are suitable heat source for heat pumps in larger neighbourhood schemes instead of geothermal energy tapped either by ground-buried heat-absorber mats or by boreholes. This was the key message of a presentation held by solrico during the 19th Heat Pump Forum on 24/25 November in Berlin, Germany.

The presentation was part of the initiative "IntegraTE" to promote efficient heating systems combining PVT and heat pumps. IntegraTE had a booth at the expert gathering in Berlin and distributed the flyer "Hocheffizientes Heizsystem".  

The German heat pump industry expects high growth rates in the next years. The latest heat transition reports predict between three and eight million heat pumps in operation in German buildings by 2030 to fulfil the climate goals. By the end of 2020, a total of 1.4 million heat pump systems had been installed. Some speakers emphasised the fact that installation capacities will most probably become the bottleneck when scaling up the heat pump market.

Download the presentation (in German)

Further information on IntegraTE (in German):