12 Dezember 2016

Webinar recording: Think big - Design rules and monitoring results of solar district heating systems

The recording of the webinar from 6 December 2016 is now available: "Think big - Design rules and monitoring results of solar district heating systems"

The webinar reported on the hot topics in SDH development: The use and performances of seasonal heat storage units for increasing the solar coverage, distributed SDH plants connected to specific points of the district heating grids as well as the large, centralised SDH plants employed in particular in Denmark and combined with other renewable energy sources.

A recording is available on solarthermalworld.org.

Three expert panelist speakers presented during the 1.5-hour-webinar followed by a Q&A sessio. Find further information about the speakers in this invitation letter.

The webinar was moderated by Riccardo Battisti, head of the EU project SmartReFlex, which involves six implementing regions in four European countries and produces guidelines for regional authorities, training materials, case studies and recommendations for setting up a task force on renewable energy sources in district heating. More information is available at www.smartreflex.eu.

The webinar was free of charge and open to all interested stakeholders.

Participants are asked to fill in the following questionnaire.