30 Juli 2015

Database of incentive programmes

Do you want to know more about the national subsidy scheme for solar heating and cooling in Italy or the conditions of the investment subsidies in the long term commercial programme in Thailand in 2015?

You find all relevant details about these two countries in the database of incentive programmes on solarthermalworld.org. 38 support schemes in 26 countries are introduced with a table containing key information, such as target group, duration, eligible technologies, support agencies in charge and average, as well as maximum subsidy levels. The tables are regularly updated by the team of solciro partners worldwide.
If you do not find the national subsidy programme in your country in the database, please get in contact with us: epp@solrico.com.

Please also note that the database does not cover the USA except for the programme in California, because there has already been a very good online database for the 50 stats (www.dsireusa.org).