08 Februar 2016

ISOL Navigator launched: technology and market trends by 2020

The study ISOL Navigator December 2015 focuses on the Forecast 2016 and beyond. How do stakeholders think their business will develop across the 18 key solar thermal markets worldwide? Which market segments and system types will prosper over the next years?

Megatrends: larger system sizes, more combinations with heat pumps

The industry has opted for larger system sizes – nowadays, 12 % of the around 330 solar thermal manufacturers having taken part in the ISOL Index survey 2015 are generating their highest turnover with systems above 50 m2 (35 kW). When asked about the potential bestsellers in 2020, as many as one out of five companies chose the option “Systems above 50 m2”. The number of larger systems will increase particularly in North/Central Europe and the BRIC countries over the coming years. 

Almost two-thirds of the participating solar thermal system suppliers see heat pumps as strong competition in the residential sector, most notably in the USA, Italy, Poland, Germany and Spain. The industry has accepted this challenge by offering more combinations of solar thermal and heat pumps. Today only 4 % of the global industry are making most of their turnover with such hybrid systems, but this share quadruples if the question relates to 2020, with an extremely high interest in solar and heat pump solutions in Italy, Poland and France.

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