09 Mai 2019

World´s largest manufacturers increase production output

Even a globally shrinking market didn’t prevent the largest flat plate collector manufacturers from increasing production output by 7 % in 2018. What ensured their success were steadily growing sales in China and much higher exports from southern European collector manufacturers to the Middle East, North Africa and Latin America. As in 2017, multiple Chinese companies made it to the top of the 2018 rankings, which are based on a manufacturer survey carried out this February and March. The supplier rankings are updated regularly by solrico. The 2018 list is based on a manufacturer survey that was carried out in February and March this year.

For the second time in a row, Chinese-based companies dominated the list of the world´s largest flat plate collector manufacturers. All five top spots are held by businesses headquartered in the People’s Republic, starting with Sunrise East Group, which includes the Sunrain and Micoe brands, and Haier, which acquired a 51 % stake in Austrian-based Greenonetec in May 2017 (both production figures are added up in this year`s chart).
The business satisfaction of manufacturers depended largely on location. The three German heating boiler manufacturers, Bosch, Viessmann and Vaillant, reported, on average, 8 % lower sales than in 2017 due to Germany’s steadily shrinking market.
By contrast, Polish flat plate collector manufacturer Hewalex benefitted from strong tailwinds which helped more than double its sales last year in comparison with 2017. Ireneusz Jele?, Marketing Manager at Hewalex, said that thanks to the Clean Air programme, the business had been able to deliver about 4,300 residential solar water heaters to seven municipalities. The government-funded scheme helps municipalities promote efficient boilers by supporting the installation of solar thermal or biomass heating as part of the country’s air quality agenda

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