11 September 2017

First online world map with SHIP suppliers

The new project website solar-payback.com was launched at the end of August. One special feature is the World Map of Suppliers of Turnkey Solar Process Heat Systems. The interactive chart depicts more than 70 companies from 25 countries and their SHIP services. Some are collector manufacturers designing, planning and building industrial solar heat plants; others are specialized project developers focusing on renewable heat in industry.

Project developers’ growing interest in this cost-effective solar heat segment means that more turnkey suppliers will be added to the map in the coming weeks.

Besides, the three-language web portal on solar heat for industry offers comprehensive information on SHIP potential and suitable solar thermal collector technologies, an overview of selected applications in manufacturing at different temperature levels and statements by satisfied investors from all around the world. Key charts are available for download in each of the three languages and can be used at no cost in presentations and brochures on industrial solar heat. 

Visit the web portal in English, Portuguese and Spanish language.