Residential or commercial: Which is the most prospering segment?

Is the public or the tourism sector, process heat or multi-family houses the most prospering segment in a particular country? Which application is responsible for the highest sales of your competitors? Will the commercial segments - multi-family houses, tourism or industry - surpass the market share of single-family homes in 2020? Find the answers in the 18 country portraits of the ISOL Navigator December 2015.

More than 350 stakeholders answered the following key questions:

  • Which market segment has the highest share on your sales in 2015?
  • Which is the fastest growing market segment in your national market?
  • Which market Segment will dominate your sales in 2020 in your national market?

The results show a clear shift away from the residential segment towards commercial applications in many countries.

Furthermore each country portrait within in the ISOL Navigator study December 2015 includes the following key elements:

  • Latest market figures
  • Key changes in the national political frame conditions
  • Current Business Situation based on the Current ISOL Index
  • Analysis of attractive solar thermal system types today and in the future
  • Business Forecast 2016 based on the Forecast ISOL Index and statements from the key stakeholders