FAQs about the ISOL Navigator

What does the ISOL Navigator include?
The ISOL Navigator is an international study that analyses the market development in the solar heating and cooling sector on a national, regional and global level.

The study includes latest market figures from 18 key solar thermal countries as well as the growth opportunities and business expectations of the following key markets: Austria, Brazil, Czech Republic, Chile, China, France, Greece, Germany, Italy, India, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom and the USA. The analysis is based on the ISOL Index, a Climate Business Index showing the present and future business opportunities. The 100-page study (pdf-format) is published once a year by solrico in December and can be ordered by sending an email to epp@solrico.com.

How is the ISOL Index calculated?
ISOL Index is a barometer for the solar thermal market development on the national, regional and global level. It is a point-based indicator showing the satisfaction of the solar thermal industry players with current and future business opportunities.
The ISOL Index is made up of 6 questions (page two in the questionnaire), 3 relate to the current business climate, and 3 relate to expectations for the next six months. ISOL Index points range from 0 to 100 for each participating company (anonymous evaluation). Company values are averaged to obtain country- and region-specific indices.

Is there a free summary of the ISOL Navigator available?
All participating companies receive a summary of the global results of the ISOL Navigator study free of charge. Tank and collector manufacturers (flat plate, vacuum tube, air) are eligible to take part in the ISOL Index survey, as well as solar thermal system integrators that import collectors.

If I buy the ISOL Navigator study, am I allowed to re-publish certain data, e.g. in press releases for my company?
You can use all the charts and data of the study internally. However, they are not to be published or passed on to a third party outside the purchasing company without prior consent by solrico.

How can you be sure the survey is representative?
The companies that take part in the ISOL Index survey in a particular country should be responsible for more than 50 % of the sales in this particular country.

When was the first ISOL Index published?
The ISOL Index was first surveyed in March/April 2010 and the results were published in June 2010 in Sun & Wind Energy. Since 2013 the ISOL Index is surveyed once a year and published in December. The latest publication is ISOL Navigator December 2013. The next survey takes place in September/October 2014 and will be published in December 2014. 

Who is behind the ISOL Index and the ISOL Navigator?
Both are 100 % solrico projects. solrico works with partners in all key solar thermal markets to carry out the international survey. And the analyses and writing is done in the solrico headquarter in Germany.